Species Mixing Disasters

We are all accustomed to the idea of "community tanks" for fish. Naturally, many people assume that the same can be done with amphibians. Not so. Salamanders and frogs are carnivorous predators. They are also slow-moving and easily injured by other animals. Thus the potential for disaster is rather high.

In this article, we have collected photos and examples to illustrate species mixing problems for newts, salamanders, and axolotls. We hope that these examples will prevent similar mistakes.

newt eating frog
This Pachytriton makes a snack of an African dwarf frog at a pet shop.
interspecies newt amplexus
The mating rituals of one species, such as this Notophthalmus viridescens
can be dangerous to animals of other species that are not adapted to that activity.
newt eating axolotl
Given a brief opportunity, this ribbed newt ate a young axolotl. See Incident #51 below.
newt impaled by catfish
This paddletail newt was housed with a small catfish. The spine of the catfish is protruding from the newt's chin. The incident is described in a forum thread. A similar incident involving a firebellied newt is described below in Incident #28.
axolotl with snail in mouth
This axolotl tried to eat a snail, but was unable to either swallow it or spit it out. The snail had to be removed manually with a tweezers (by turning it around). The axolotl had a swollen mouth for some days but eventually started eating and returned to normal.
newt eating newt
Juvenile Tylototriton verrucosus eating a dead tankmate. Although this is not an example of a mixed-species problem, it shows just how large of a prey item a newt is able to devour.
axolotl eating cory
This axolotl attempted to eat a large cory catfish. The cory died and the axolotl suffered injuries due to the spines puncturing its head. Details below in Incident #59.
axolotl eating catfish
This axolotl attempted to eat a catfish. The fish died and the axolotl suffered injuries. Details below in Incident #72.
axolotl eating guppy
A juvenile axolotl eating a guppy.
axolotl eating goldfish
An adult axolotl eating a goldfish.
tiger salamander injured by pufferfish
A larval tiger salamander injured by a pufferfish. See Incident #77.


Examples of Disasters

Below are examples of species mixing disasters collected from Internet forums over the past several years. These examples speak for themselves. Click on any link on the list below to jump down to the full story.

  1. Firebellied newt + Firebellied toad
  2. Firebellied newt + Firebellied toad
  3. Firebellied newt + Firebellied toad
  4. Firebellied newt + Albino clawed frog
  5. Eastern newt + African dwarf frog
  6. Newt + Firebellied toad
  7. Mandarin Newt + Tree frog
  8. Newt + Firebellied toad
  9. Newt + Firebellied toad
  10. Newt + Firebellied toad
  11. Newt + Tree frog
  12. Firebellied newt + African dwarf frog
  13. Firebellied newt + Firebellied toad
  14. Firebellied newt + African dwarf frog
  15. Marbled newt + Banded newt
  16. Ribbed newt + Red-spotted newt
  17. Axolotl larva + Spotted salamander larva
  18. Paddletail newt + Chinese firebellied newt
  19. Firebellied newt + Paddletail newt + Tiger salamander
  20. Paddletail newt + Firebellied newts
  21. Paddletail newt + California newt
  22. Oregon newt + Red-spotted newt
  23. Firebellied newt + Eastern newt
  24. Firebellied newt + Oregon newt
  25. Firebellied newt + Goldfish
  26. Axolotl + Pleco
  27. Paddletail newt + Gourami
  28. Firebellied newt + Cory catfish
  29. Firebellied newt + Betta
  30. Eastern newt + Betta
  31. Ribbed newt + Feeder fish + Cory catfish
  32. Tiger salamander + Minnows
  33. Firebellied newt + Tropical fish
  34. Paddletail newt + Pleco + Fiddler crab
  35. Firebellied newt + Hatchet fish
  36. Axolotl + Apple snail
  37. Newt + Tropical fish
  38. Barking tree frog + Whites tree frog
  39. Various tree frogs
  40. Firebellied toad + Green tree frog
  41. African dwarf frogs + Tropical fish
  42. African clawed frog + Cory catfish
  43. African dwarf frog + Puffer fish
  44. African dwarf frog + Tiger barbs
  45. African dwarf frog + Mussel
  46. Axolotl + Otocinclus
  47. Axolotl + Otocinclus
  48. Firebellied newt + Firebellied toad
  49. Axolotl + Goldfish
  50. Paddletail newt + Loach
  51. Ribbed newt + Axolotl
  52. Tiger salamander + Turtle
  53. Warty newt + Chinese firebelly newts
  54. Axolotl + Pakistani loaches
  55. Axolotl + Various Fish
  56. Paddletail newt + Firebelly newt
  57. Paddletail newt + Firebelly newt
  58. Newt + Algae eater
  59. Axolotl + Corydora
  60. Axolotl + Corydora
  61. Axolotl + Corydora
  62. Axolotl + Cat fish
  63. Firebellied Newt + Crab
  64. Firebellied Newt + Zebra fish
  65. Ribbed Newt + Mussel
  66. Paddletail + Eastern newts
  67. Axolotl + Goldfish
  68. Axolotl + Feeder fish
  69. Axolotl + Tropical fish
  70. Axolotl + Paddletail newt
  71. African clawed frog + Gobies
  72. Axolotl + catfish
  73. Axolotl + "cleaning fish"
  74. Axolotl + Pleco
  75. Axolotl + Pleco
  76. Japanese Fire-Bellied Newt + Ghost Knifefish
  77. Tiger salamander larva + Pufferfish

1. Firebellied newt + Firebellied toad
"My firebellied toad attacked my firebellied newt and it died"
May 28, 2001 at 20:11:48:

After putting in crickets for the toad to eat, the toad tried to eat the newt. I had to pull the newt out of its mouth twice. This morning it was dead. Any ideas?


2. Firebellied newt + Firebellied toad
"Help! Fire-bellied newt lost its front right leg..."
July 12, 2001 at 20:13:42:

I came home today from work and my newt is missing a front right leg. It shares a 10 gallon with a fire-bellied toad. It looks like its suffering. Any suggestions???


3. Firebellied newt + Firebellied toad
"I finally seperated my FBN and FBT . . .read this"
January 27, 2002 at 02:19:36:

To everyone who has debated wether keeping FBNS and FBTS together, i would like to share my little story with you. I had my FBN and FBT together for a while. I was sure that keeping them together would be fine. Then one day while feeding them, the toad attacked the poor newt and took off a toe or two. It was then i decided to seperate them. Only good things have come from this. My newt seems much more active and less stressed. He eats more and appears more healthy overall. Same with the toad, who never spent time in the water... now he does! Keeping these species together only causes stress to both creatures. Thanks so everyone in this forum who convinced me to seperate them, it was a good choice.


4. Firebellied newt + Albino clawed frog
"Is my newt dying?"
July 30, 2001 at 12:41:53:

I'm pretty new at the newt thing. I originally had 2 firebelly newts. One died of what appeared to be a white infection on his foot, which eventually fell off, then he died. While his foot was injured he didn't eat either. Now, a few months later, I've got one newt and added a little albino frog in my tank - and my newt has a foot injury/disease. He isn't eating. What is going on here?


5. Eastern newt + African dwarf frog
"ADF with newts"
November 08, 2001 at 09:24:31:

Twice, I tried to keep African dwarf frogs in with my tank with 4 eastern newts. Both times the frogs died after only a few weeks or months. The frogs were often swimming frantically and became skinny, so I think they were just stressed by being with the newts. Also, the frogs may not have gotten enough to eat because I was feeding the newts only twice per week.


6. Newt + Firebellied toad
"Re: Please post mixed-species mistakes"
November 09, 2001 at 00:32:25:

a friend of mine kept several specimens of triturus alpestris and cynops orientalis with three Bombina orientalis...well...the toads ate ALL THE NEWTS in a few days!


7. Mandarin Newt + Tree frog
"Mandarin and tree frog"
November 08, 2001 at 13:16:43:

my very first salamander ever was a mandarin. i had no idea how to care for it, so i put it in my red-eyed tree frog tank. needless to say, the 80F degree temps alone took their tole on the mandarin. not only that, but one of the red-eyes died in the same week i put the salamander in, probably because of stress and/or foreign pathogens. so, i quarantined the mandarin and did my research on how to care for her and what went wrong. she stopped eating and began to develop white sores on her head and lower back, which i treated with kanacyn and neosporin. i think that the only reason she lived is because i got her out of there just in time. i learned a hard lesson about researching species before purchasing them


8. Newt + Firebellied toad
"Another one to add if you wish"
November 20, 2001 at 21:56:27:

At our local petstore they keep the newts in with the fire bellied toad. I have seen newts missing tails and legs and arms. Floating dead ones and even one that was bitten in half. All the frogs seemed real healthy.
What really cracked me up is it says right on the tag the frogs are aggressive.

9. Newt + Firebellied toad
"Compatability of toads and newts"
December 03, 1999 at 21:23:09:

Now, on to the second Little newt. I put him in with my three fire belly toads in a seperate tank. It didn't take long for the frogs to attack it and grab it by the head. I litterally had to pull the newt out of my generally easily frightened toad's mouth. I was wondering if this was a hunger thing or a territorial thing, because they hadn't been fed in 2 days. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.


10. Newt + Firebellied toad
"Re: If you're using Petco as a model for herp keeping..."
February 24, 2002 at 20:33:43:

... you got problems. First of all, look at the source...Petco? They mix species to cut down on space or are just following some stupid retail schematic. I was actually dumb enough to buy a newt from Petco and drop it in my tank w/ 4 FBT's. Two days later the thing was walking around w/ only 3 legs. So I took it back and haven't bought any live animals from them since. Besides, I believe newts don't really like anything above 72 degrees.


11. Newt + Tree frog
"Help My fire bellied newt is sick, please help him......."
April 28, 2002 at 23:48:47:

Hi I have 4 fire bellied newts in a five gallon tank and I just got a green tree frog. I Put a large bowl in the tank instead of the 50% water thing. one of my newts seem to have been getting sick all of a sudden. He seems to not have any energy when he swims and just floats there. Hes not acting like usual and they are rearly going into the water. Whats wrong w/ my newt whys he sick? how can I help him?


12. Firebellied newt + African dwarf frog
"Newts with ADF"
Received by e-mail

I recently purchased 3 tiny fire belly newts from a local pet store. I thought to make a good home for them. According to the people at the pet store I could house the little newts with African dwarf frogs. In fact, they had both in the same tank at the pet store. I brought home a few of the frogs and newts and find out the next day that a frog was attacking the newts. One died, another has lost toes and a small hand and looks to be loosing another hand, and the last one lost a few toes and has developed mouth rot. I've had them for only 3 days. It has been horrendous.
Due to kind people such as yourself I've been able to do much research on my new, yet very ill newts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


13. Firebellied newt + Firebellied toad
"Fire belly toads with fire belly newts"
16 May, 2002 - 05:00:

Can this be possible? I added the two newts to the tank with the toads. All the animals are the same length (not including the newts tales). After a few hours they all seemed happy together climbing and jumping around very close to each other.

About 3 hours after I added them to the tank I feed the toads and newts pinheads and worms. One newt ate a worm and the other was hanging around on the wall so he missed out. The one decides to come off the wall. This is when the bad happened. One of the toads struck and got the newt in it's mouth head first. It went do to the newts front legs. I took the newt by the rear section and pulled him out of the toads mouth. The newt seems ok and swam to the shore to hide in a cave. He hasn't come out and the toads don't get close.

Did it strike because it looked similar to the worms it ate before or should I seperate them immediatly?



14. Firebellied newt + African dwarf frog
Jan 21 23:27:43 2004

You should keep each species seperately, toads in one tank, newts in another. I unfortunately lost one newt & one newt's leg when I had African Dwarf Frogs in w/ my firebelly newts.


15. Marbled newt + Banded newt
"Re: Newts toxin"
November 08, 2001 at 07:26:44:

Most important things is every newts have own toxin and there toxicity is defferent. Specially corlorful newts have strong toxin. When I put marbled newt and banded newt togather, banded newt died only one day after with skin burning. So be careful to mix together.


16. Ribbed newt + Red-spotted newt
"Notopthalmus v. v. with a juvenile Pleurodele newt...."
November 08, 2001 at 16:36:41:

I had a Pleurodele newt that was the "runt" of the batch and was the last to morph. He was small and I literally had no place for him; all the other siblings were 2-3 times larger. I thought I would put him into my Red spotted newt setup. Well planted setup and the newts were the same size as the spanish ribbed newt (pleurodele). I also thought, hey this species is very "docile" and "mellow". To my surprise, the Red spotted newts ganged up on the pleurodele immediately and chase him around the tank! I had to keep this little guy in a generic setup until he put on weight.


17. Axolotl larva + Spotted salamander larva
"Axolotl larva and Yellow spotted salamander larva..."
November 08, 2001 at 16:55:26:

I had axolotl larva and had one A. maculatum larva simular size. I needed space and thought I could buy some time if combined them for a week until I found the maculatum a permanant home. I knew Ambystoma larva not only eat other conspecifics larva, but also their own kind...I thought because they were the same size and the setup was large enough, it would be ok. Wrong...very dumb mistake. The axolotl larva swallowed the maculatum larva whole! He found a home alright...not what I had in mind. I felt very bad about this.


18. Paddletail newt + Chinese firebellied newt
"Re: my turn!"
November 09, 2001 at 17:12:56:

Before I started even goin on-line I put a PT with a a couple CFBs... Paddle tail+5 CFB= where'd they go? just skeletons were left.
JFBs and Taricha granulosa= bad too. My JFBs kept getting internal aeromonas infections.
CFBs and Easterns (pet shop account from when I started there). Easterns hid on land and starved to death avoiding the CFBs. Ah to be young and stupid.........
Species mixing=bad.


19. Firebellied newt + Paddletail newt + Tiger salamander
"Newts Are Attacking"
December 15, 2001 at 18:38:35:

Right now i am having a big problem where my newts and a salamander are being aggressive to the others. I had a Jap. Fire Belly newt, Paddle tail newt and a tiger salamander. With these together i noticed that the fire belly ended up losing 2 legs(at different times). And the tiger salamander had lost a little tip of his tail (about 1cm lost). I had heard that paddle tails were aggressive so i seperated him. Every thing seem to be going good until i got an California newt today and the tiger salamander was trying to bite off his hind leg. Luckly i saw it and save the newt.
Right now i have the tiger and the paddle seperated from the other 2. I am wondering which one is the aggressive one? (or is it both?)
Any info would be helpful!
Ps-The main tank is 15 gallons (long) and the tiger is about 8 inches. The others are about 5-6 inches long.


20. Paddletail newt + Firebellied newts
"Who can live with Paddle Tail Salamanders"
January 28, 2002 at 22:51:04:

Hi. I recently added 3 paddle tail newts to my tank of firebellies. The p-t's were way too aggressive and attacked the firebellies, african dwarf frogs and snails that I had in the tank. So I moved the paddle tails into their own tank and am trying to find what, if anything, will live with paddle tails in relative peace. They are extremely aggressive, but I would like to add at least a snail or algae eater. Any suggestions?


21. Paddletail newt + California newt
January 28, 2002 at 22:51:04:

My california newt is injured and has sores on its back and tail from a fight with a paddletail newt and i luckly i seperated the two. Right now my california newt is in quartine tank and I am just wondering if their are any medications in use? Can I use neosporin?


22. Oregon newt + Red-spotted newt
"I think Fredrick has the right idea..."
June 04, 2002 at 21:41:55:

Some can appear fine, but eventually something happens. Believe me, I had an Oregon and red-spotted newt in together for several months, and then all of a sudden during feeding the Oregon decided to chew on the red-spotteds head. I'm sure if you look around you can find other horror stories about mixing.


23. Firebellied newt + Eastern newt
"Help!!! Please look!"
13 December, 2002 - 05:23:

HELP!!!! I have had my cfb newt for sometime now, and I wanted to get him some friends. I purchased two other newts that I believe to be Eastern newts--yet I am not sure. I noticed that the cfb seems very territorial at times--biting the newts, yet other times they all lay together. Why does this happen?

Also, I noticed that the two new newts werent eating. One of them was very small; he was most commonly attacked by the cfb. I've had the two new ones now for approx two wks. Yesterday, the small one died. I thought it was bc he had not eaten. Do you think this is the case?

And finally, I noticed a small white sore on the cfb tail. I originally thought it was a possible bite, but with further examination I believe it could be an infection. Today I noticed that the remaining eastern newt has a similar sore on his tail yet much more severe.


24. Firebellied newt + Oregon newt
"newt and salamander"
Jan 15, 2003 1:35 am

I have a fire belly newt and an oregon salamander. The salamander is 3 times the size of the newt. They have lived together for 2 years in a land water mix..10 gallon tank. In the summer I feed the salamander live bugs.

So the other day I noticed the salamander grabbing and bear hugging the newt. They were not rolling around or trying to bite but he was squeezing the He!! out of the newt. I pulled him off. So, he did this a couple of more times, they are now in two different settings. What were they doing?


25. Firebellied newt + Goldfish
"Goldfish & newts"
13 January, 2005 - 02:34:

Hi, I was told I could keep a goldfish with my firebelly newts, so I put her in with them... And she was fine the first few days, then today (I'm assuming it was her, since the other newt is too small to really hurt this one) she bit off my newt's feet. What can I do to treat this? I know they regrow limbs, but I'm concerned about infections.


26. Axolotl + Pleco
"Plecos & axolotl"
05 June, 2005 - 06:17:

I put an algae eater in the tank with my Axolotls. For a while everything was fine; however, last night I discovered small spots where the algae eater had 'sucked' on my Axolotls' tail! The skin is off and I am very worried.


27. Paddletail newt + Gourami
"Newt Injuries-HELP!"
March 30, 2002 at 01:50:22:

I have a paddle tail newt who lived in perfect harmony with a certain blue gourami fish. I came home one day only to discover that the fish had eaten BOTH of the newt's hind feet! I have since banned the fish & have the newt in isolation. What should I do to help him recover?


28. Firebellied newt + Cory catfish
"health warning"
June 22, 2001 at 17:56:36:

Please pass on the info that any algae eaters or others of the catfish family have spines in the fins that are deadly to anthing eating them. They lodge in the throat, piercing and ripping. I lost a dear little 10 year old Fire Belly Newt (Wayne) when I didn't know of the spines and added a small algae eater to the aquarium. Wayne died 2 days later with the fish impaling his throat. The vet could not help him. Please pass the word to pet stores and others.


29. Firebellied newt + Betta
"my firebelly newt is missing some toes!"
July 07, 1999 at 16:53:50:

I Just got back from a week long vaccation and I noticed that my newt only has one finger on it's left front foot. My mom was feeding my fish when I was gone and the only thing that I can think of is that my female betta ate off it's toes. That is the only other thing in the tank other then an apple snail. The fish are fed twice a day. Would the betta eat the newt's toes?


30. Eastern newt + Betta
"Newts and betta fish"
November 08, 2001at 09:18:48:

I put a male betta fish in with my 4 eastern newts. The betta seemed to be a beautiful addition to the tank. The arrangement worked fine for several months. Then one day I noticed the betta take a peck at one of the newts. I didn't think much about it, but the next day the betta was pecking viciously at the head/eyes of the newt again and the newt was swimming to get away. I removed the newt, which, over the next few days developed a bruise-colored head, but did survive. Then the betta started picking on another of the newts, so I immediately removed the betta.


31. Ribbed newt + Feeder fish + Cory catfish
"Pleurodeles walt and fish...."
November 08, 2001 at 16:45:27:

I tried to cut feeding expenses and started using feeder fish (rosies) for my Spanish Ribbed newts. I lost 3-4 newts from bloat or disease. The only source that I could trace this to is the feeder fish. I also tried to add corey cats (fish) to eat the left over waste in my pleurodele tank. My reasoning was to keep a well balance tank and decrease need for water changes (these newts are big eater and poopers). By day 2, I noticed one of my breeding females had eaten one of the fish...but it got stuck in her mouth. Most fish have sharp fins. The newt suffered mouth lacerations and developed a nasty infection and died several weeks later, despite antibiotic therapy.
I lost a beautiful paddle tail newt by feeding them diet of rosies (fish). He died from infection like the spanish ribbed newt. He linguered on for 2 months.


32. Tiger salamander + Minnows
"Minnows and salamanders don't mix."
July 19, 2002 at 13:21:05:

i bought some minnoes for kenny (a blotched tiger salamander)to eat. he didnt eat them, the minnoes just died and poluted the water.. i cleaned up his water but he got sick..2 weeks later he had died. i have had kenny for 5 years almost..he was 8 1/2 inches long.age unknown.. and he died of an infection in his mouth and on his "chin".i loved him just like a cat or a dog.. so please ..please do not get minnows to feed your salamanders!!


33. Firebellied newt + Tropical fish
"Help!!! Please look! Tail bite!"
29 October, 2002 - 02:24:

I have an aquariam with fish and two newts in it. I just got the other newt a day ago, so he has nothing to do with the bite.

My other newt is a CHinese fire-belly. He was doing well, but recently I noticed that some of his tail had been bitten. So I put some healing liquid in, and feed his favortie food, bloodworms. After a couple of days, I got worried. Then I looked closer at his tail, and relized the white that was sticking out wasn't flesh, it was bone!!!

They are both fire bellies, but I thikn the new newt is Japanese. I bought a few more gentle fish with the new newt. But, the bite was there before, so I will list the fish I had when I first noticed the bite.

Fire Gourami
Neon Tetras
Black Phantom Tetra

I suspect it was the gourami, but I cannot be sure. Since the tail was bitten, the newt has been curling his tail upwards. What should I do? Please help!!!


34. Paddletail newt + Pleco + Fiddler crab
"Re: Playing with fire...........DID THAT..KNOW BETTER"
November 14, 2002 at 04:37:45:

Yes, I mixed a pleco, with a fiddler crab and paddletail (they are same size as FBN) newts. I had THOUGHT they would help keep the tank clean. As long as it was not a danger to the newts, I thought all would go fine..The crab was twice the size of the newts..too big to get eaten..the pleco had spines on its back to keep it out of the mouth of a newts...WRONG

MAN WAS I WRONG!!!! I the crab lasted a week, came in one morning & the newts were having a feeding frenzy. the big female was really fat with crab.. The pleco lasted only 3 days..I saw a strange tail in the mouth of the male. Guess the spines were not a problem.. I have also tried big apple snails...just to have them pulled out of the shell. Ghost shrimp...gone in a day..AND I WILL NOT EVEN START WITH TINY LITTLE FROGS...tiny newt food.

I have learned NEVER mix animals with newts. I am just glad that the newts were never hurt in all of this..


35. Firebellied newt + Hatchet fish
"Hatchet fish shred newts"
May 08, 2003 at 11:29:06:

Hi, I recently add some hatchet fish to my fire belly newt tank. During the day there were no signs of problems, but the next morning all the plants were shredded along with the newts! I never realized these fish were so aggressive. Its too bad my newts had to pay the price for my ignorance. I thought I'd pass this info along and see if anyone else has had a similar experience.


36. Axolotl + Apple snail
March 14, 2004 - 03:24:

I recently acquired 4 axolotls. Ranging from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2". I also raise apple snails. Apple snails have an operculum or door to their shell that they retract inside when they pull in their foot. The operculum is made of the same material as the shell and therfore hard with sharp edges.

After settling the axolotls into their tank with a few apple snails, I left them alone for about 30 minutes, and when I returned, the largest axolotl (also my only leucistic) had its head inside one of the snails. This particular snail was around 3" in diameter. What probably happened was that when the axolotl investigated, the snail tried to close up into its shell.

Well I pulled the shell open enough to get the axolotl out and the operculum had cut its throat, of course killing my axolotl. If I had left it in the tank the snail probably would have eaten what it could and the other snails would have joined in. If you have a weak or injured fish, newt, etc. or something that simply cannot get away from a snail it could very well be eaten.

Please also add, that while snails may be slow, they are still very interesting and amazing creatures to keep. Also, that while larger apple snails pose a danger to soft bodied creatures (and this only because of the previously mentioned self-preservation ability) their are many other species of snail that do not have a "door". Therefore being safe for any, but slow, sick, or injured creatures.


37. Newt + Tropical fish
"Feeder Fish"
November 20, 2004 - 15:11:

There was a time years ago when I stupidly fed my newts guppies purchased at a petstore... luckily they didn't die, but I am still mad at myself for being so ignorant.

More recently I have fed Danios purchased from someone who cultures them. The newts ate the smaller ones, but the larger ones just ended up stressing the newts... so I removed them.

I agree with Kaysie... fish aren't a very good idea in general.


38. Barking tree frog + Whites tree frog
"Barkers and Whites"
November 08, 2001 at 18:00:50:

Nobody ate each other or even tried, but after more than six months together the whole tank went down with Red Leg. One frog after another died over a couple of months. This was my first frog tank, many years ago. Since I began keeping them one species per tank I have only had old-age deaths


39. Various tree frogs
"cornucopia of treefrogs"
November 09, 2001 at 15:04:47:

The local petstore was housing all manner of frogs (leopards, firebellies, Egyptian toads and even a pacman) in one 29 gallon "amphibian" tank. I "rescued" a White's treefrog, a pair of green treefrogs, a barking treefrog and a firebelly toad. As if this weren't bad enough, I put them in another 29 gallon tank with a firebelly newt. I still have the newt and the FBT (in separate tanks) but all of the treefrogs perished.
The same store had another tank with sliders, anoles, garters and rough green snakes.
I thought they had a clue but they were just trying to move their product. My new petstore generally keeps single species only tanks :)


40. Firebellied toad + Green tree frog
"Local frogs and exotic frogs..."
November 09, 2001 at 08:45:02:

I once had a young green frog that bullied a fire bellied toad to death.


41. African dwarf frogs + Tropical fish
"African Dwarf Frogs and fish"
Posted by Ken on November 09, 2001 at 14:37:35:

The frogs died, one by one.


42. African clawed frog + Cory catfish
"Re: ACF and dojos"
December 20, 2001 at 21:18:47:

Yes- they eat them. Heck, they eat anything they can fit in their mouths. Some have died trying to
swallow too big prey or a fish. My friend's ACF died choking on a cory (the spinal spike lodged in in the ACF's throat, causing both to die). Best not to mix them with anything but "lunch"!


43. African dwarf frog + Puffer fish
"HELP!! Ampute Frog!!!"
January 21, 2002 at 18:05:09:

My Pufferfish ate my frog's arms off. I stopped the torture mid-act but now my frog only has stubs where his arms used to be. He is just floating there. He cannot submurge. Do I have to put him out of his misery? Is there a humane way to do this? Will my pufferfish keep killing? Are they all this bad? Please help my poor Ampute froggy!!!!

44. African dwarf frog + Tiger barbs
"my dwarf african is missing a hand!"
March 18, 2002 at 21:33:37:

I noticed tonight my dwarf african frog is missing his left "hand" I don't know what happened, he's in a 30 gal tank with some tiger barbs, I don't think they're capable of nipping it off, maybe he was digging in some rocks and got it caught? not sure if there's anything I can do for him, he's moving around and eating just fine (granted he tends to move in left hand circles LOL sorry)


45. African dwarf frog + Mussel
April 26, 2004 - 05:21:

when i was about 15, i had a freshwater mussel with a couple of african dwarf frogs. one day, i found the frogs toes clamped in the mussel. it took 20 minutes of trying to pry the mussel open with a credit card and a butterknife before we got the frog out. they both survived, but i wouldnt keep mussels or clams with anything else after that.


46. Axolotl + Otocinclus
"The dangers of Otocinclus"
30 December, 2005 - 16:02:

Something very terrible happened.

This morning I looked into my tank and saw Grimace go up for three or four breaths of air right after another, then sink to the bottom and flop on his side. His head was very swollen like he had something stuck inside of it or his throat.

I removed him quickly and put him in a bucket with fresh declorinated water. I know normally one should not hold an axolotl, but I had to hold him to look into his mouth, and sure enough he had tried to eat one of my Otocinclus. Its sharp little fins has become lodged in his throat, so that he could neither swallow or spit the fish back out. He was suffocating. I successfully removed the fish, which took about two minutes with a smooth metal stick and now Grimace is in the fridge with a little salt and is doing much better. If I had not seen this happen this morning, I probably would not have noticed because I have been so busy, and he would have died.

The little fish survived, and I am glad for that. I am not sure how Grimace was able to catch it, but he did, and is suffering for it now.

For anyone wanting to get these fish... Don't. I finally see why. They are small, they stay small, and can get stuck inside of the axolotls mouth and cause death.


47. Axolotl + Otocinclus
" HELP! Is this seriuos?"
27th December 2005, 16:55:

Her is a picture of my axie with a otto-fish stuck in her mouth! It seams the fish's head is stuck in the gills! The tip of the tail is comming out of her mouth. Shes been like this for about an hour! What shal I do???


48. Firebellied newt + Firebellied toad
"Regrowing limbs"
19 January, 2006 - 01:58:

when i was gone this weekend my bro bought a fbt and stuck him in my c. orientalis tank - it bit off one of my females legs...


49. Axolotl + Goldfish
"Gills deteriorating"
18 February, 2006 - 12:19:

...i think the gill was damaged about 2 months ago when a goldfish had a nibble but has lost it over the last two days markedly.


50. Paddletail newt + Loach
"Loaches: which loach is the best loach?"
30 March, 2006 - 05:01:

I have a tank I more or less built for my paddle-tail... Obviously chemicals are out of the question when it comes to controlling snail populations... I feel really bad ... disposing of snails - So I bought three Zebra loaches because 1.) They don't get as big as some loaches, 2.) They are "peaceful" [I thought this would be a good thing, I didn't want them to hurt my baby] and 3.) They sure do like to eat stuff.

Wrong. My newt pretty much took 1 of them out as soon as he realized how absolutely slow they are when it comes to responding to threats. Even the ghost shrimp in my tank are quicker than these fish... I hope he's enjoying his 5$ dinners.


51. Ribbed newt + Axolotl
"Waltl vs. axolotl"
15 April, 2006 - 04:38:

i put some axies into my p waltl tank while doing a full water change on the bucket they were in. this girl was fast! since they had just been fed, the axies were big enough (i thought), and it was only going to be about 5 mins - i thought it wouldnt be an issue...but hey, you can see the results! she actually got most of it down whole-you can see the tail was bit off-but the rest went down in about 5-6 minutes. she never spit it out too-she was like a dog with a bone!

[different author]...I had a similar incident with some of my P.waltl and larval axolotls from last year. I (stupidly) put a tub of axie larvae on the top of the waltl tank and it slid at the edge and fell in. Since I was not in the room at the time I wasn't even aware that it happened. 25 little axolotls went in, 17 came out, but I learned.


52. Tiger salamander + Turtle
Posted in ads section



53. Warty newt + Chinese firebelly newts
"New in the newts, kind of a bad beginning"
16 July 2006 - 11:29:

...I came back home with 3 new salamanders, one small one (C. orientalis) like the dying one from the fish tank, and two big ones (P. Hongkongensis) and put them in the new tank. Hehe.... wow, the guys said it would be okey to mix them together... They even said I could put them in the fish tank if I wanted. YEAH! The day after I put them in the tank the two little ones got eaten


54. Axolotl + Pakistani loaches
"axolotls gills bitten off"
24 September 2006 - 13:07:

i recently put two pakistani loach (which have now been removed) in with my two axolotls and during the couple of days they where in there they have bitten of most parts of my axies gills


55. Axolotl + Various fish
" Injured Axolotl"
11th August 2006, 16:55:

Well I recently purchased a axolotl and now I think I may have a problem on my hands the guy at the pet store suggested a few fish that could live comfortably with the axie such as the following

Cory Cat
Kuhli Loach
Chinese algea eater

Well when I woke up today I had an axie with a foot and a leg less than it did the day before.


56. Paddletail newt + Firebelly newt
"If the Paddle Tail is the mean one, whos the nice one?"
29 December, 2006 - 05:32:

I have a horror story from my younger, less intelligent days when I used to think all newts could just "get along" : I had a Japanese fire-bellied newt housed with two paddletails (as if one wasn't enough.) The paddletails were totally aggressive and kept attacking the poor fire-belly... until I found the poor little fire belly with a leg half torn off

I separated the fire belly and miraculously she lived! And her leg regenerated. The moral of the story is Do Not Mix Species No Matter What! And for Paddletails - they are extremely territorial and they are very aggressive about their territory.


57. Paddletail newt + Firebelly newt
Received via e-mail:

My paddltail firebelly newt started eating my smaller firebelly newts - they were in the same tank for about a year together without any problems. Is this normal? What should I do?


58. Newt + Algae eater
"White spot on fire belly newt"
11th June 2007, 23:04:

My newt has a big white spot on his head that seems to be getting bigger. I have an algae eater in the tank that I've caught sucking on the newt a few times, so I don't know if its from the algae eater sucking on him.


59. Axolotl + Corydora
"Axolotl ate Corydora Cat (Or tried)"
19th April 2010:

...my gold albino had mostly swallowed the (Large) Albino cory cat I kept in the tank. The problem lies in the fact that the cory stuck out his fins (which have sharp spines on them) and stabbed my axie through his head and bottom of his mouth... Getting past the fact that it was a dumb idea to begin with, I caught my Gold Albino Axie, and using fish-hook removal tactics I removed the Cory from his mouth (fatally for the cory) and inspected the damage. My axolotl seems to now have a puncture behind his eye and through the bottom of his mouth (the spines went all the way through).


60. Axolotl + Corydora
"Axolotl Throat problems"
18th December 2007:

So I've had my Axie for about 9 months. I had experimented with housing him with other fish and found it worked just fine. Either the fish were small and got eaten just fine or were too big and lived happily staying away from each other. But I'm an idiot and was given these two albino cory's (catfish lookalikes), and Themistocles (my axie) got greedy and ate one. Turned out it was more than he can chew, and now I have a big problem. It's been stuck in his mouth for 3 days now and I'm very worried. I've heard the spines could be dangerous and the tail bit of the catish is still sticking out. I'm wondering if theres any advice on making the fish come out his mouth or to get him to finally swallow it.


61. Axolotl + Corydora
"a fish is stuck in her mouth"
4th May 2008:

I foolishly put a new cory (a cat fish sort of thing) in with my 3 year old axolotls - they have been living quite happily with one for the last 18 months, so I thought it was safe. Unfortunately one of my axys fancied a fish snack and now the head is stuck in her mouth. Corys have some spikes around their mouths. I tried to remove it by gently opening her mouth, but only part of the fish came out.


62. Axolotl + Cat fish
"Stuck Fish?"
7th February 2010:

I have a couple of awesome axolotls girls. They have been quite happily sharing their tank with 1x small very fast catfish. Said catfish is now only a tail hanging out of the mouth of the larger axy.(about 22cm) I know that they do eat live fish, but is it normal to have them sticking out of there mouths and if so for how long.


63. Firebellied Newt + Crab
"newt friends"
18th March 2008:

[Question about adding a crab as a tankmate for a firebellied newt].... This particular combo is a bad idea - I've tried it. I had to seperate the two within 15 minutes. The crab didnt move for the first five minutes or so, until the newt got close, at which point it lunged for it and settled down again. Stupidly, I didnt split them up then but kept watching. The newt climbed out and retreated to his burrow (a partialy buried cork bark curl against the side of the tank, siliconed to the back wall), the crab followed shortly after. By the time I'd literaly ripped the tank apart to get to them, the crab had the newt in both claws, the rear third of its tail was completly mangled and one of its back legs missing. Despite my best efforts, the newt died 3 days later. I later moved the crab to a community aquarium, I'd lowered the water level so there was some wood it could climb onto. I'm not sure how it managed it but two days later it had chopped a male betta's fins to pieces, that died as well. It was a viscious little git.


64. Firebellied Newt + Zebra fish
"I need help re-growing some arm :-("
24th December 2007:

I have noticed lately that one of my zebra fish who has been living without a problem in my newt tank for well over a year has been picking on my smallest red bellied newt. I thought the other day that maybe they hadn't been fed, so I have been careful to make sure no one goes hungry. Today when I checked in, Itchy (the fish) was biting at Goliath's left arm. I separated them then checked, and Goliath is, in fact, missing a noticable amount from his upper left arm.


65. Ribbed Newt + Mussel
"urgent!! injured spanish ribbed newt"
8th March 2008:

Help my spanish ribbed newt just broke his lower jaw. He got it stuck inside a very small mussel - it is almost ripped in half.


66. Paddletail + Eastern newts
11th September 2008:

I currently have two Paddletail newts, Rojo and Akka, and four Eastern Spotted newts. I used to keep Rojo with the Eastern newts, because at the time I thought he was a Firebelly Newt (he was falsely labeled as such at the pet store where I got him) and didn't expect any aggression. Unfortunately he made a habit of ripping off the other newts' legs and (after some failed attempts at seperating them by putting a divider in the aquarium) I had to move Rojo to his own aquarium, which is why I got Akka. Now that they're seperated, everyone's getting along fine.


67. Axolotl + Goldfish
"can axies re grow new gills"
20th May 2008:

My axie was put in with gold fish for 2 mins when i cleaned the tank out, and my sisters fat gold fish took a gill clean off!!!!!!!


68. Axolotl + Feeder fish
"Axies and Crickets"
31st May 2008:

I have personal experience of fish having a nibble at their gills. It happened when i tried feeder fish. Never will i try that again!


69. Axolotl + Tropical fish
"Please help me and my Axolotl!"
2nd February 2009:

I bought an Axolotl yesterday, the guys that sold him to me said he would be fine, was very dosile and would just sit at the bottom. Anyway, ive just come home and his feathery gills round his head have been eaten off! He was in there with a massive mixture of tropical fish, gourami's, pleco's, parrot fish, and the one that did this to him was, i think, the red tailed shark.


70. Axolotl + Paddletail newt
"Axolotl and paddle tail newt"
1st November 2008:

Well when we went to get the Albino [axolotl]... he/she happened to be in with a paddle tail newt?????? I asked the chap at the shop what the Newt was as it obviously wasnt an Axolotl and he said a Paddle Tail Newt. On questioning him about whether it was a good idea to keep these two different breeds together he assured me this was fine...

Niddy [paddletail] has hurt my Albino Axolotl on her/his front leg, so i have promptly moved him to this new tank .... Also is there anything i should be aware of with the Albino Axolotl, he has kind of took the skin off her/his front right leg and the leg seems to be just hanging on.


71. African clawed frog + Gobies
"Question re: african clawed frog"
2nd April 2008:

I thought that I was going to have a nice peaceful 100 gal. with fish and snails and dragon gobies and ACF, then one day all the fish were gone except the big ones. And they were scared for life. I never saw a thing except for a ACF that was as big as my hand. After SHE ate all my fish.


72. Axolotl + Catfish
"Stuck Fish"
7th February 2010:

I have a couple of awesome axolotls girls. They have been quite happily sharing their tank with 1x small very fast catfish. Said catfish is now only a tail hanging out of the mouth of the larger axy.(about 22cm) I know that they do eat live fish, but is it normal to have them sticking out of there mouths and if so for how long.


73. Axolotl + "cleaning fish"
"My axolotl ate a fish..."
16th November 2011 :

We got an axolotl about 5 months ago, and everything's been great, however... In order to help keep her tank clean, my fiance bought some cleaning fish. He thought they were big enough that she wouldn't be interested, but the next morning I discovered she had eaten one. It seems to be stuck in her throat. She's still very active, and behaves normal, but she can't eat anything with that fish in the way. We're not sure if we should just let it be, and see if she can swallow it and digest in naturally, or if we should try to gently remove it... It's been a few days now...


74. Axolotl + Pleco
"Axolotl looks scraped!"
7 October 2013:

One of my axolotls looks like he has been scraped or something. I came home from work and he looked like this. I'm not to worried but I wanted to make sure I'm on the right track with my treatment. I think that the axolotl got spooked and started thrashing and hurt himself, but there is nothing sharp in my tank. Just rocks (large rocks) sand and plants and plastic decorations. So I'm a little confused. One other possibility, I do have a pleco in the tank as well...


75. Axolotl + Pleco
"Very very worried"
14 May 2011:

hi i realy need some help i posted a thread on here approx a week and half ago saying that a pleco had sucked on my axoltol...


76. Japanese Fire-Bellied Newt + Ghost Knifefish
Received by e-mail
20 Nov 2013:

I foolishly housed a FB Newt and a young Ghost Knife together thinking that the Knife would be too large for the Newt to eat. The newt however did not think it was too large and devoured it. I still have this newt to this day though luckily he did not have any problem digesting such a large meal. Learned my lesson and now I put only my newts food in his tank!


77. Tiger Salamander larva + Pufferfish
"Water dog and tiger salamender"
30 Nov 2013:

I recently purchased a larva of the tiger, but he was attacked by a fish that pulled off the toes and made a circle on the abdomen.


tiger salamander injured by pufferfish
Larval tiger salamander injured by a pufferfish.

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